Testimonies over time

OFSTED SAY..................


"The management team are committed to making continuous improvements"

"Children are kind, sociable and display good behaviour" 

"Staff are caring and sensitive to children's needs"

"Staff are good role models, for example they teach children to use good manners, to share & take turns well"

"Children gain important skills in their learning"

"Partnership with parents are successfully established"


Our Families say...........

"I would like to Thank you for the amazing care and attention both of my children have received in your care and  i would not hesitate to recommend you in the future!"

Mrs Nickless. 2018

"A truly homely setting!"

Anon Parent, 2016

"If i could pick you up and take your nursery with us on our house move, i would do. As i really love your setting and i know my son does too!"

Miss Thompson - Parent

"I would like to thank you for showing us around and i think the ability to settle my child in shows how lovely your nursery is"

Fearn - Parent

"We noted how well behaved and how well mannered the children are at Budding making the children a delight to teach!"

Lynn - French Teacher at 'We Love to Learn'

"The children i teach are a delight! They are very polite and well behaved"

Miss Rachel - SCL Dance

"I absolutley love the parent zone app, i logged in the other day and got some updates. Like any parent i'd love to be a fly on the wall just to watch her learn, interact and play - so the app has my thumbs up!"

Mrs Harman